Become the greatest version of yourself by overcoming fear, doubt, and insecurity. Minimize obstacles and develop your confidence by accessing your own information and creativity.


Are you stuck in a rut? Standing in your own way? In need of spiritual guidance? Are you in search of a legitimate psychic reader in Miami, Florida? If so, you’ve come to the right place. With a dozen years of experience as a professional psychic and spiritual adviser and an unparalleled gift of insight, Liam has the answers to your most urgent questions.

Whether you are seeking a possible career change, insight into your romantic life, or trying to see through life’s many uncertainties to discover your own truth, Liam is here for you. Using the power of clairvoyance, Liam is able to access deeper levels of information that will be able to transform your perception, dissolve uncertainty, and bring you greater levels of confidence in your life.



There is no roadmap to spiritual growth and development. In a world where nearly everything is accessible, it can be daunting to look within. Spiritual growth can be exhilarating, scary, and transformative all at the same time. Getting a reading is an opportunity to look within while having a guide navigate you through the fear and uncertainty that can arise when exploring something new.

A Little About Myself…

I’ve always been hypersensitive. Picking up on my environment was always second nature to me – unfortunately, that also meant picking up on the hidden expectations of others. When you come from a competitive family like I do, that means I easily lost myself in what others wanted for me, without listening to the voice of my guidance within myself.

What Is An Empath?

Words like Empath, “highly sensitive,” intuitive and others are thrown around a lot to encapsulate the phenomenon of being sensitive. But, what, specifically do those words actually mean?

An empath is someone who’s sensitivity extends beyond the normal range of the 5 senses. The spectrum of an empath’s sensitivity ranges from having a hunch about something to intimately knowing someone else’s feelings, thoughts, or desires without verbal communication.

For most people, the world is a fairly predictable place. For empaths, the world can quickly become far more confusing. Why do I suddenly feel upset? Why can I not take the next step in my life? Why do I consistently feel defeated before I even begin?

Grow with Liam

If you have been isolating yourself from the world, unable to speak your truth, sabotaging yourself attracting the wrong people or partners, unsure of your life direction, or just overwhelmed by other’s expectations, or energy, I can help you move forward.

I use a combination of psychic awareness and counseling techniques to help empaths manage their sensitivity and navigate their reality. In a session, we cover how to identify what is your energy and what is someone else’s, be it your family, your work environment, or even cultural or societal beliefs that prevent you from living the best version of yourself. In addition to information coming from your guides and masters, you’ll learn powerful techniques to release lower vibrations, especially stuck energy from others.

I guide you through energy practices that help the release of stuck energy and will help align, balance, and strengthen your aura (energetic field). Imbalances in your chakras are addressed through exercises, and your natural flow is restored. We also take a moment to view what you are working on spiritually, as well as your larger purpose and mission in life. Together, we work to repattern negative thinking in a fun, lighthearted way that moves toward laughter and acceptance.

My work is to be your coach, facilitator, and mirror to you. Most of all, energy sessions help promote your authentic self, connecting you with your own information and highest truth.

I CAN SERVE YOU. That’s what I live for!

But there’s a catch… You have to be ready and willing to make a commitment to yourself…

I will provide the guidance, accountability, and tools. I will do whatever it takes for you.

If you are committed to your own growth and taking ACTION, then SO AM I!





Cameron Walker Having spent years dedicated to my healing and emotional/spiritual growth, I was frustrated by the old patterns and beliefs that I couldn’t seem to shake. Luckily, a friend connected me with Liam and my true healing journey began. The efficiency of Liam’s work amazes me! I don’t have to spend hours telling my …


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