Are you in a complicated relationship with yourself?

Welcome to the club.

Often times we are given a script as to how our life “should” go. Go to school, graduate, get a job, start a family, and recreate the process for your children. However, most people fall outside of the neatly prescribed goals that society and family establishes for us.

For those of us that feel differently, and that have more emotional sensitivity, living life with a pre-ordained script might feel like a nightmare. You may feel that you should be doing the “right” thing and staying within the confines of expectations that others follow. Not to mention, following your own path can be terrifying. Not only does it fall outside the neat boxes that we are familiar with, it also feels less safe as there are fewer guarantees of success.

Now the real question: Are you in a complicated relationship with yourself because you’re afraid? Fear is a natural response, designed to protect us from whatever we interpret as a threat. However, if you have survived challenging or traumatic events in your past, sometimes fear takes over and prevents us from discerning between events that are truly a threat and those that merely make us uncomfortable. This can lead us to procrastinate and delay action in implementing important decisions, because simply, we’ve become too afraid. This has a biological basis; after all, our nervous system has evolved to protect our lives (and pass down our genes) at all costs.

When you know that you are afraid, but you also realize that what you are afraid of isn’t an immediate threat to your physical or emotional safety, then it is time to dig a little deeper. What is really going on? What memory, belief, or idea is keeping me from moving forward in my life?

Investigating the deeper questions are often hard. We have our own biases, assumptions, and beliefs as to why our life is the way it is. Peeling back the layers can be uncomfortable, and maybe even scary. But it can also be fun, humorous and ultimately, liberating. Take a chance to come into a happier relationship with yourself.

An intuitive reading is a chance to look at why you keep sabotaging healthy life choices. We can look at ways to release those psychic impressions so that you can start to live your life without the echo of doubt preventing you from moving forward.




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