Learn why you can’t get ahead in life if you’re holding on to the past.

Ever hear the line; “You are your own worst enemy?” This especially applies when talking about inner work. Often our inability to achieve what we want in life directly correlates to how much we believe in ourselves. And our beliefs about ourselves often come from our internal narrative, or story, about who we are.

Our story is formed over many years, often with strong input from our family and friends about how we should be, should behave, and generally, what we should aspire to. Not all of this is conscious; often we soak up unspoken judgments and expectations from those closest to us, creating internal rifts when those expectations do not match with who we want to be.

In a sense, your internal narrative may be keeping you safe; “why take risks?” “what if I fail?”. There may have been painful associations with risk or failure in your subconscious, so much so that you may convince yourself that change “isn’t worth it”. If you are feeling stuck, then it is often because there is a disconnect between what you want, and what you believe you can have.

Opening pandora’s box may appear daunting at first, but it is really the gift that keeps on giving. Once you realize that it is not as bad as it seems, you can start to unpack the beliefs that are keeping you from realizing your goals.

Creating healthy self-esteem takes patience and showing up. If you are your own worst enemy, then it is important to be patient when becoming your own best friend.

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