There is no roadmap to spiritual growth and development. In a world where nearly everything is accessible, it can be daunting to look within. Spiritual growth can be exhilarating, scary, and transformative all at the same time. Getting a reading is an opportunity to look within while having a guide navigate you through the fear and uncertainty that can arise when exploring something new.

A Little About Myself…

I’ve always been hypersensitive. Picking up on my environment was always second nature to me – unfortunately, that also meant picking up on the hidden expectations of others. When you come from a competitive family like I do, that means I easily lost myself in what others wanted for me, without listening to the voice of my guidance within myself.

What Is An Empath?

Words like Empath, “highly sensitive,” intuitive and others are thrown around a lot to encapsulate the phenomenon of being sensitive. But, what, specifically do those words actually mean?

An empath is someone who’s sensitivity extends beyond the normal range of the 5 senses. The spectrum of an empath’s sensitivity ranges from having a hunch about something to intimately knowing someone else’s feelings, thoughts, or desires without verbal communication.

For most people, the world is a fairly predictable place. For empaths, the world can quickly become far more confusing. Why do I suddenly feel upset? Why can I not take the next step in my life? Why do I consistently feel defeated before I even begin?



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