Are you in a complicated relationship with yourself?

Welcome to the club. Often times we are given a script as to how our life "should" go. Go to school, graduate, get a job, start a family, and recreate the process for your children. However, most people fall outside of the neatly prescribed goals that society and family establishes for us. For those of us that feel differently, and...[ read more ]


Cameron Walker Having spent years dedicated to my healing and emotional/spiritual growth, I was frustrated by the old patterns and beliefs that I couldn’t seem to shake. Luckily, a friend connected me with Liam and my true healing journey began. The efficiency of Liam’s work amazes me! I don’t have to spend hours telling my story and rehashing old pain-...[ read more ]

Welcome to Grow With Liam!

Hi There! Welcome to Grow With Liam. We offer readings to help you discover a path forward and to move past the fears and obstacles keeping you from achieving your goals. Benefits of Readings: 1. Increased Confidence and Clarity. Readings can help you accomplish life goals by identifying mental obstacles and shifting your perspective. 2. Validation of Your Experience. In...[ read more ]

Welcome to Grow With Liam!

The Benefits of Energy Readings Include: Clarity Calmness Confidence
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